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The Full Story


#MyselfIncluded started as a simple Facebook page to gain momentum to announce the publishing of my book, "I want this more than God, So I'll ask Him for it!" I went live on Facebook for 5 weeks and each week I had two co-host talking about topics from my book. On week 5 the topic was called, "It's Gong to be BIG" where I announced the book.  That was the plan, 5 Facebook lives, BOOM I wrote a book, I hope that you all buy it. However, I got so much positive feedback to keep going. I started to write blogs, and kept my #MyselfIncluded Mondays live on Facebook going. Which birthed this platform #MyselfIncluded. Over the past two years it has grew to be more than I can imagine. I now hold therapy groups, workshops, and seminars!



To promote wholeness and healing

The process of becoming whole involves 1. Feeling your feelings. 2. Being honest with yourself. 3. Making room for your healing. A lot of times we want a "quick fix" where we think we've released it. But you have to GO THROUGH it, not around it. We run from the pain (because it hurts too much) or try to replace it with another feeling (i.e., alcohol, drugs, work, etc.) But things can and will get better! You got this!



#MyselfIncluded vision is to promote wholeness and healing.

From the Book: I want this more than God, So I'll ask Him for it.


I spent so much time encouraging and believing for others and left myself out. Which is why I created this saying "myself included." I no longer want to leave me out of it.  It is time to include yourself in the conversation and the blessing! It is time to reveal, deal, and heal.


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