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"Whole, Healthier & Happier You"

MyselfIncluded 2 is a comprehensive mental health counseling practice that emphasizes addressing the complete well-being of individuals—mind, body, and spirit. Our clients undergo a thorough assessment, examining potential risks and identifying areas of imbalance in their lives. By considering all facets of life, we tailor our approach to determine the most effective treatment plan. Our primary objective is to help clients reveal, deal, and heal.


MyselfIncluded 2 employs an integrative evidence-based approach to mental health, providing clients with a range of program options, including holistic resources. These offerings contribute to the treatment, prevention, and management of both mental and physical health concerns. Committed to understanding our clients' unique needs, we strive to deliver the highest quality care. Clients not only improve their overall perspective on health but also acquire valuable skills that support lasting positive change. We invite you to explore the opportunity to share your concerns with us and embark on a new journey towards a WHOLE, healthier, and happier you.

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